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This is normally conducted over Zoom but can be in person if you prefer.

The Initial Consultation is a free session of up to one hour that I offer to people who might be looking for help but would like to understand more about what I do and how Hypnotherapy can help you.

It's only natural that you will have lots of questions which I can answer during this free session.


What is Hypnotherapy and how can it help me?

Hypnosis is a safe, non invasive treatment that freshens up your sub conscious mind, enabling it to detach from negative thought patterns which helps clients achieve long lasting, positive change.

It's a state of heightened awareness and focused concentration.

It is important to realise that the technique does not involve being put into a deep sleep. You remain aware of your surroundings and situation, however, you are able to accept the suggestions of the therapist at a very deep emotional level.

The therapist works collaboratively with the client to foster a state where they are more open to suggestions for therapeutic purposes.

During hypnosis you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do but you can actively help yourself deal with the challenges of life.

Hypnotherapy can help you with:

Chronic Pain Reduction - Fears and Phobias - Tinnitus Noise Reduction - Weight Management - Quitting Smoking - Sleep Issues 

Stress - Anxiety - Panic Attacks -  Depression - Guilt - Plus Many More

How I Can Help

Hypnotherapy to Help With:

 Stress - Anxiety - Depression -  Weight Management - Sleep Issues - Quitting Smoking - Addictions - Guilt - Anger Management - Lack of Confidence

Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Would you like to take control of your pain?

If your pain has no medical explanation, it maybe that it has been "learned" from a previous life event which at the time may have been useful but now serves you no purpose.

Trapped and unresolved emotions and trauma can cause illnesses and pain in the body.

Using hypnosis, I can help you reduce or free yourself from this pain.

Tinnitus Noise Reduction

Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition that many people suffer from.

If you have had medical advice but still suffer from tinnitus, then perhaps you should consider hypnosis.

It can, in certain circumstances, help you to Turn Down the Noise.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias are common, but using hypnotherapy, I can help you unlock them and help you to embrace life, fear or phobia free. Start your healing journey today. 

Julian Murray DHP


I have had an interest in and a fascination with hypnotherapy since I was a child.

My grandfather was a self-taught hypnotherapist. I regularly used to visit him when he had a client who he was helping - And that was 50 years ago!

As a result of this I decided to explore hypnotherapy further and I trained and qualified in Hypnotherapy in 2022.

Since then, it has become my passion to help people overcome the vast variety of issues that hypnosis can help with.  


I gained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy approved by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council in 2022

Free Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is a free session of up to one hour that we offer to people who might be looking for help but would like to understand more about what we do. This is normally conducted over Zoom.

Session Prices

£50 Per Hour

Treatments last for an hour and usually require at least 3 sessions, but sometimes more depending on the issue you present with.  The first session will consist of a consultation to fully explore your goals, followed by a short hypnotherapy session. Successive sessions go deeper, investigating the issues further, to enable you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

All sessions are completely confidential, giving you a safe space to explore your issues and goals.


Smoking Cessation


This is the total cost for 2 x 1.5 Hour Sessions. 


Val - Devon

I highly recommend Julian after paying several visits to him last year. I was suffering from extreme anxiety connected to a serious upcoming surgery. After these sessions , I found myself better able to cope with the situations most likely to trigger the episodes.

As an aside, I was one of those people who  thought I could never be hypnotised. How wrong I was!

Thank you Julian.

Tracey - Somerset

I went to see Julian as I was suffering with extreme pain. I found his voice really soothing and it was easy for me to go into a hypnotic state, which I have been unable to do in the past with other hypnotherapist’s. I was surprised and delighted by how quickly the pain went after my treatment with Julian. I highly recommend him.

Jemma - Devon

Anxiety controlled every aspect of my life.  I eventually found the strength to make positive steps to seek help.  Julian helped me improve my mindset with a gentle, kind and understanding approach.  Live your better Life, now medication free and back in control. Thank you Julian.


Excellent therapy makes an excellent you.

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